Cute SHINee UFO replies.


Fan: Where’s Daddy Key?? 
Taemin: Next to me keke

Fan: Hi precious how are you all? Do you want to eat good food? Noona will bring you all to eat~
Key: Here I am! Did you all enjoy your day?

Fan: Now I know why I couldn’t sleep, it’s all because of you oppa!
Onew: Should be Key instead.. ^^

Fan: I’m a kid >_< (making noise~) Am I cute???? 
Jonghyun: Not cute at all.  

Fan: Do you know what universal guy means? 
Jonghyun: Minho?

Fan: My love, have you eaten half of the garlic chicken? I ate it, it’s very delicious~ Still thinking about the garlic taste. 
Onew: Garlic chicken. Attracted.  

Fan: I want to eat dinner now~ Want to eat together? 
Jonghyun: I’ve eaten already. You go ahead and eat^^ I’ll watch you eat instead.

Fan: Key, please give me some Jonghyun!
Jonghyun: No!!

Fan: Jonghyun! please give me Key!!!!
Jonghyun: Go ahead, take as much as you want haha 

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